[SF1] Working on OneStarter

One of the great things about writing a blog off the beaten path from the official site is that I don't have to wait until I'm done with projects to talk about them. It's kind of nice and actually goes back to how I first started blogging, as a dev diary for Unreal mods.

At the beginning of the year I released OneStarter as a jQuery plugin for easily creating Salesforce1 mobile style interfaces. The goal was basically to give a JavaScript bridge to the otherwise esoteric CSS as well as to create widgets that emulate common S1 elements like the carousel div. In fact, it pretty much turned into mostly about the carousel div...

Before Dreamforce '14 I want to release a second version of OneStarter based on the following suggestions and ideas:

  1. Forcing CSS via JavaScript is heavy handed and browser intensive. For current users it has required a lot of refresh loops when manipulating the DOM. After looking at alternatives, I think a better approach is to develop a hybrid CSS file using less. This is similar to the SF1 Bootstrap project's approach, I believe.

  2. Speaking of, the SF1 Bootstrap theme is an excellent way of combining the look of SF1 mobile with Bootstrap and so I'll be actively testing OneStarter with their CSS to make sure there isn't any big conflicts.

  3. Updating the Carousel widget to be positioned on the top, bottom, or both. This has been an early request and the main complication was juggling multiple DOM points with other libraries like TouchSwipe. I do now have the basics of this working and will be testing it further.

  4. Adding new widgets which were previously on the design list: notification divs, wait/loading divs, and possibly some kind of "swipe down" tray or event (like hold to refresh).

  5. An overall cleaning of the repository.

  6. Build tools.

This is by far not the only project I'm working on for Dreamforce, but it has the advantage of being the one that I've gotten the most work done...

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