[SF1] Patch Notes for Echo Case Control

New demo up:

As I quipped on twitter, while putting the new demo video together I came across a few bugs and annoyances that I wanted to fix. The code is updated on github and the related packages (unmanaged package and Chrome extension) have updates as well. The installation instructions are now up on the repo and that's where I will maintain them going forward.

Fixes included:

  1. Better page refreshing for Lightning UX. You can see this in the video. LX uses a url scheme to detect whether it should just show last rendered or re-render and the old extension wasn't adjusting for that.

  2. Improvements to the intents and utterances, including more variants to get the current case information. I also realized that the first intent in the list was being defaulted, so if you said something random like "something something" Alexa would just rattle off current case info. Replaced that with a simple wait intent for now until I figure out if it's an oddity in my code or Alexa's setup.

  3. Fixed the trigger for Chatter posts, which wasn't properly getting set as an "Update".

  4. Side note, Alexa's free form handling is much improved (this is Amazon's doing, not mine). While in the video she makes use of one of the macros ("next meeting"), in testing I found short phrases actually worked pretty well.

  5. Minor edits to the list HTML in the Chrome window. Removed an undefined.

Since the free form handling is better, I'm considering looking at creating cases now as well. Cases are a good subject for this since much of their baseline data is known picklists. I'll have to see how the free form works for the subject though.

I would love to add assigning cases as well, but that's going to take wandering off to a side project about how to handle variations of things like names.

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